How to Organize Kids Toys

Your children’s playroom may be the most fun room in your house but it’s also the most chaotic and keeping a handle on it seems like a never ending battle.  Sometimes shutting the door is the best that you can do.  Fear not, you can conquer that chaos and have the room fit for company.  Here are some tips on how to organize kids toys and never step on another piece of Lego again.

Storage is your friend

Having adequate storage is critical to keep the play room neat and organized.  Kid’s toys come in a variety of sizes and they are made out of tons of different materials so you’re going to need different sized storage boxes.  Here are some ideas that can help you get everything put away.

Fabric Boxes

Fabric boxes are sturdy enough to hold any of your child’s toys or stuffed animals, they don’t have sharp corners so they are safe for smaller kids.  You can get them in tons of different sizes and different colors so they work with the décor of the room too.  Grab a couple…or more, of these boxes and start clearing out the Barbie’s and action figures.

Hanging Storage

If you’re playroom is small and you don’t have the space for a lot of toy boxes or other floor storage then try some hanging storage.  You can use baskets or colorful wall hangings that have pockets.  They save on space and they are fun.  Just having enough storage gets you halfway organized.  You can clean the room in 5 minutes rather than taking hours.  Here are some pretty cool ideas.

Functional Furniture

Functionality is as important as having enough storage.  Looking for pieces of furniture with built in storage is ideal.  If your kids don’t have a playroom but play in their bedroom instead, look for a higher bed where you can fit toys or a play area underneath.  If having a bunch of plastic bins in the room is not your thing, then you can create a stuffed animal corner.  Put the bigger stuffed animals in the back and the smaller ones in the front.  Shelving is great for books and games so the pieces don’t get lost. If you are considering fitting fun in your garden, you shall consider checking horseshoe pit dimensions to decide before which horseshoe pit you will be installing.

We can give you all the storage ideas and practical tips in the world to help you get your kids’ playroom organized but getting them to actually clean up…you’re on your own there.

How to Paint with Chalk Paint

Painting is a form of art and a good hobby for people of all ages. The type of paint used has a significant influence on the outcome of the paintwork. The application of the paint also contributes greatly towards the end product. One type of paint that is easy to use and environmentally friendly is chalk paint. So, how does one use chalk paint and what is so interesting about it?

What is interesting about chalk paint?

This paint can be used on many surfaces such as concrete, metal, brick, and wood. It can also be used to paint or dye unique materials such as fabric or upholstery.

This is one example where painting on fabric could be beneficial. For small businesses such as coffee shops or restaurants, making specials on menus is an everyday thing. This means that there is a need to make a new advert/announcement on regular intervals.

Chalk paint is good for that sort of purpose; take a sheet made from fabric. Write down the specials of the day on the material with chalk paint. This will be greatly beneficial when the painted sheet is hung like a flag because, when the paint dries out it does not harden the fabric.  Here is what you can do with chalk paint.

How to Paint With Chalk Paint?

The most important step in any paint job is to make sure the target surface is cleaned. Unclean areas may cause the paint to come off or ruin the general appearance of the end product. Before applying the chalk paint use sand paper, soap, dry/wet cloth, or anything useful to make sure the surface is cleaned properly.

Allow the area to dry off in the case where water was used to clean. Apply the first layer of paint onto the surface. When finished, the paint job should look poor and unsaturated. Apply a second coat a couple of minutes after the first. The paint job will look a lot smoother and saturated with an intense color.

That basically sums up everything. There are many more ways to improve the artwork but every project begins with these vital steps. When the chalk paint dries off, give it a gentle wipe with fine grain sand paper. This will give it a smooth finish with a neat appearance. One other thing to remember is that painting is a form of art. The success of a paint job depends on how it was done; be gentle with the brush/roller, follow a fixed pattern, and even the paint out.

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Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is very important towards your kids’ physical and mental growth. It is therefore important to foster an environment where kids can feel comfortable choosing healthy foods instead of junk food. This habit requires you to start teaching your kids the benefits of healthy eating from a tender age. Explained below are some ways of getting your kids to eat healthy.

1. Make healthy food options available

When children are hungry they tend to eat the first thing they see. It is therefore important to keep plenty of fruits, vegetable and fresh juices at hand. This way you will be encouraging them to eat healthy food whenever their hunger strikes.

2. Give your kids choices

Children should be given a chance to choose foods, snacks, fruits, and vegetables they like. You can give them an assortment of healthy options to choose from. While giving them options, avoid being too controlling as this can make them rebel. Letting kids choose their food from a tender age teaches them to take responsibility for their nutrition.

3. Never be the food police

You should never force your children to eat the food they hate. This can only make them to resent your choices and may even become rebellious. If children hate a particular food which you find healthy, always get an alternative healthy food that they will like. The best way to go about it is to stock your fridge with a variety of healthy food from which they can choose their favorite.

4. Be creative with food

The best way to have your kids eat healthy is to get creative with food. If for example your kids love fresh juice but hate vegetables, you could decide to make fruit juice and then add some greens in it. Most kids will not recognize the change of taste and will continue drinking the juice. With time the kids may even develop taste for these vegetables. Another way to get creative with kids’ food is by adding a bunch of color to their plates.

5. Be a good example

Kids are quick to pick what they see from their parents. As such it is essential to set a good example for the kids by eating healthy. Also, you should praise the healthy choices they make. This way the kids will understand that eating healthy is good.

6. Get the kids involved

Bring your children to the market or grocery and let them help in choosing the vegetables and fruits. This gets the kids excited and they will transfer this excitement to their plates. Besides, the kids feel inspired to eat healthy when they partake in choosing and preparing of the healthy meals.

Indeed healthy eating habits must start at a tender age. The above tips will help your kids to start eating healthy and maintain good relationships with healthy foods.