Happily Married

Today is my anniversary.   Mr. coocoo  and I have been married for seven years. If I added up all the days, I would say I have been happily married for about four years.  I've been making it for about two years and (mostly during my three pregnancies) thinking there was no way it was going to work out for about a year.

Marriage has forced me to grow up and learn a lot about myself. Most of the things I've learned weren't very pleasant. I am a much better person now than I was before I married Mr. coocoo.  Amongst other things, Mr. coocoo is teaching me how to stay married, that the very essence of marriage is committing to being together, regardless of the circumstance.

I love Mr. coocoo. Frequently, I am in love with him and I like him a good amount of the time. He'd probably say something similar about me.  Mr. coocoo and I are definitely on a happy streak now but  we annoy each other and sometimes really get on each others nerves. This happy time will pass and we will stay  married, be happy again, annoyed again, and so on and so forth... I hope, for fifty more years. 

Happy Anniversary Mr. coocoo.
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