Too much time on my hands?

I have organized all of my magazines.
Pictured here is one of my numerous stacks.

You might think I have a giant L stamped on my forehead or too much time on my hands (who organizes their magazines???).  What I really have is a lot of time with three little kids and organizing magazines is something me and my little peeps can do together.

I've saved magazines for years (just ask Holly, whose husband said I was, "old school" last week for mailing (in the mail, delivered by a  her postman, an article from 2002).  I love looking at magazines.  Yet, here in the lap of luxury I no longer have any subscriptions.  I think I stopped renewing during the belt tightening of 2008.  

I've organized my magazines by the month and now, when I have a chance to look at them, I'll just get my stack for the current month instead of wasting all my free time looking in ten different places for all the November (make that December now) issues.  If eventually all things are  new again, I am all set for decorating in 2025 and beyond.
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