(some) coocoo kids with Santa & our tree

~ I tried to get a picture with all of my kids on Santa's lap ~

 ~ here's how that worked out ~

Pearl screamed bloody murder so she was promptly removed {after one pic was taken.  she is my third after all and "she'll be fine!"}

~ our sweet girl ~

~ our sweet boys ~

~ cheese ~

~ our babies ~

I am not a "mom blogger"  ewww.  My children frequently get on my nerves and several days a  week, I mean month, several days a month, I find myself thinking, "isn't it fine to have wine anytime after four?"  I am, madly in love with my children and think they are the cutest things I have ever seen in front of a Christmas tree.

*Nanny went with me to see Santa and I don't want her to sue my @ss off because I didn't mention her.

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