Decoupage Dresser with Anna Maria Horner Fabric

Decoupage Dresser with Anna-Maria Horner Fabric

Vintage Dresser with Anna-Maria Horner Fabric

 One of my all time favorites...

A  garage sale find ~ later sold at Serendipity Market ~
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I paid five dollars for this dresser at a garage sale. 
I painted the dresser green, spray painted the handles gray,
and decoupaged fabric on the drawers. 


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Lindy's Magnet Board

Custom magnet board, for Lindy. 

I think, I would have picked red, for the frame, but Lindy picked blue and it turned out beautifully.

Peeing in Public

Here is a picture of me and my boys on the Ferris Wheel in Florida.  We waited a long time to ride but it was worth the wait because my boys had never been on a Ferris wheel and there was a great view of the ocean from the top.  This sweet picture was taken about five minutes after my son JoeJoe pulled down his shorts and peed in line.  There were no trees around.

OMG!  He wasn't even trying to hide it and  felt really proud he didn't pee in his pants.  When I saw him (standing just slightly behind me) I screamed to my mom, "Mom, what do I do?"  My mom was waiting for us on a bench near by and of course, she couldn't help me because she had been watching JoeJoe the whole time and was laughing hysterically.  When I tried to shuffle JoeJoe to a nearby bush, I discovered he wasn't wearing any underwear.  Poor boy.  He doesn't dress himself so clearly I wasn't on the ball that morning.

Lie to Your Children

I have all kinds of crazy thoughts about who will take care of my children, if something happens to me.  I'm nuts but truthfully its something I think about and while they are babies I spend more time thinking about it (I hope) than I will when they are older.  Because no one knows my children like I do and I have told them so many lies there is no way anyone else could keep up.

For example, when JoeJoe asks for his B and his Guk who is going to know he wants his rocket blanket, his cowboy blanket, and his pacifier?  Who else knows Spider man cereal is actually Special K or Batman cereal is Crispix?   McDonald's only has Happy Meals if its your birthday and they only have orange soda in Florida?  Only me and my kids know all of these things.

Is it normal to lie to your children?  I think so.  It's easier for everyone.  I am acquainted with some real over-explainers (parents) and IT IS VERY ANNOYING to spend time with these people.  SHUT UP!  I'm thinking.  Your kid has no idea what you are saying.  If you don't want to go to the zoo because its 110 degrees outside there's no need to have a thirty minute discussion with your two year old about it.  Just tell them your not going because its summer time and all the animals are going on vacation.

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