Antique (Spray Painted) Chandelier

~ I bought this chandelier on Craigslist.~

I LOVE Craigslist and frequently spend time just looking at what's available

 even when I don't need anything.  I like the hunt.


I bought this chandelier in a group with four others. 

I really only wanted two of the five chandeliers so I sold the other three at my booth (Vintage Polish at Serendipity Market) and covered the cost of all five.  I also love a bargain

All the chandeliers were a brassy gold color.  Some people think brassy gold is ugly.  I don't mind it but I love red more so I removed all of the crystals and used my favorite red spray paint ($1.12 a can at Wal-Mart) and spray painted it red.  My favorite handy people installed it for me with a dimmer ($45 installation + $20 dimmer).

Ta Da!!!  My fabulous (and nearly free) red chandelier.

Bad Girl? My little Pearl



my daughter




Not defective, but sassy.  I can't be sure. She is only one but there are definitely some signs.  Sometimes she will lean in like she wants to give me a kiss and then she will spit instead.  This makes her laugh hysterically.  If I pick her up and she wants to be put down she will give me a little smack and then follow it up quickly with a couple of gentle touches.  Sometimes, when Pearl is eating she holds her food off the side of her tray and looks at me and says,"no, no."  She then proceeds to throw her food right on the floor. 

Maybe I have no idea what I am doing as a mother.  Maybe my boys are just (mostly) well-behaved because that is their temperament.  I will prevail but this little pearl may give me a run for my money.


I've been collecting crosses for more than ten years now. 

I have crosses from all over the world (okay, really I have one from Italy and several from friends,  ex boyfriends, former employees, and my mom).

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Here is my pretty collection displayed in my stairwell.

Kim Parker Prints (and my sweet boys in the middle)

I love Kim Parker. 

~  Her colorful prints became very popular several years ago. ~ 

I bought these prints on amazon but you can find Kim Parker things at lots of discount stores now. 

She has a great website http://www.kimparker.tv/ where you can view all her products (dishes, bedding, rugs, pillows, etc...).   You'll have to visit my house to see the picture of my boys!

Blog for My Momma (part 1)

When I first considered blogging, I thought about writing just for my mom.  My mom lives in another state and doesn't get to be a part of our day to day life like she would like to be.  A few years ago, my friends father died and she told the story of her father's passing to a small group of friends.  The story was very moving and many of the things she said that night still resonate with me.  Mainly, she was able to say to her dad, "It's okay to go.  You did a great job.  You have taken care of everything."  My mom is very young and will be around for many, many years but I don't want to wait to tell her she did a good job. From time to time, I will write post especially meant for my mother.  Who else is going to understand me, Crazy Momma, more than the woman who created her.


I want to tell you some things I think of frequently but maybe you don’t know.  I am sorry I wasn’t always as kind as I could have been.  I am sorry for the times I took you for granted and didn’t consider your feelings.  I am sorry for the times we could have enjoyed things together, woman to woman, and didn’t.  I hope we  have many more special times together.  I appreciate you as your own person now and not just my mother.  I honor you.


P.S. Mom, I'm sorry you will probably read this at work. 

Pick Your Poison

November Give Away in Four Weeks

My sweet nanny has had more people in her family join my blog than I have. It occurred to me my Nanny may appreciate my pretty book wreath, while not really caring to have one in her home.  So, I've decided the winner of the November give away will have their choice between this...

~ lovely book wreath ~

 or a Vintage Polish magnet board

Good Luck!

~ At Serendipity Market Today ~

The Red Chair 

~ Sale Baskets ~

Chalk Boards

Book Wreath

Baby Blankets

Cork Wreath

Antique Irons

Antique Irons

My father-in-law gave me these Antique Irons.   To the chagrin of my husband, we brought them home from Phoenix in three separate duffel bags, also given to me by my sweet father-in-law.  The irons had been sitting in the garage for months.  My mother-in-law wanted them out of the house but my father-in-law couldn't bear to part with them. 

That's where I came in...


I've been known to take things people were throwing out (and fly home with them) on numerous occasions!  I love the look of these old irons but, I'm sentimental and I especially love that my father-in-law gave them to me.  They have found a permanent home in my laundry room. 

Anthropologie Rug

I don't read many design books. I'm in it for the pictures

but designer Jonathan Adler is hilarious and his books are lovely to look at and read. http://www.jonathanadler.com/ In one of his books he said,

"entering your home should be like a big dose of Zoloft!"

~ My beautiful  rug from Anthropologie! ~

This rug is my Zoloft. I feel happy every time I walk by and see it.

If you aren't familiar with Anthropologie, call the doctor. 

There is probably something wrong with you

Most things from Anthropologie are expensivebut everyone has birthdays and you can get lots of ideas from their catalog and  it's free.

Book Wreath Give Away Next Month!!!

~Book Wreath Follower Give Away~

If you aren't already, become a follower of this blog and you could win this beautiful book wreath. I'll give this wreath away to one lucky follower in November.

My Famlies Priceless Art

~ our first family drawing, by my oldest son ~


~ My son drew this picture of our family in his preschool art class. ~
~ My husband and I are holding hands in the center. ~ 

~ Our baby girl, an infant at the time is on the left and the brothers are on the right. ~ 

When my son brought the drawing home it was on a large piece of construction paper.  I took a photo of the drawing, download it to snapfish and ordered a 5x7 print.  I  bought this frame (originally  brown with an ugly matte and an old angel picture in it) at Habitat for Humanity for $4.  I spray painted the frame and took everything to Hobby Lobby where they cut the matte and assembled the photo for about $15. 

Lamp with (no shade) shade

I was given this old lamp shade.  It had ripped up fabric on it at the time.  I took all the fabric off and loved the lines so much I left it as is and proudly display it on my $3.00 Salvation Army lamp in my living room.

Most people don't get it, especially men.  Frequently, I am asked, "what happened to your shade?"  It makes me wonder... can I really be close friends with these people.  You've got to get the no shade, shade!

Follower Give Away November 15

~Book Wreath Follower Give Away~

If you aren't already, become a follower of this blog and you could win this beautiful book wreath.  I'll give this wreath away to one lucky follower in less than thirty days.  If you aren't sure how to become a follower, you are not alone.  Feel free to email me or look at the older post entitled, "how to join this blog."


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