Too much time on my hands?

I have organized all of my magazines.
Pictured here is one of my numerous stacks.

You might think I have a giant L stamped on my forehead or too much time on my hands (who organizes their magazines???).  What I really have is a lot of time with three little kids and organizing magazines is something me and my little peeps can do together.

I've saved magazines for years (just ask Holly, whose husband said I was, "old school" last week for mailing (in the mail, delivered by a  her postman, an article from 2002).  I love looking at magazines.  Yet, here in the lap of luxury I no longer have any subscriptions.  I think I stopped renewing during the belt tightening of 2008.  

I've organized my magazines by the month and now, when I have a chance to look at them, I'll just get my stack for the current month instead of wasting all my free time looking in ten different places for all the November (make that December now) issues.  If eventually all things are  new again, I am all set for decorating in 2025 and beyond.

Hey All You coocoo Commenters

You lovely people are doing a great job leaving comments!  I really enjoy reading them. The only problem is some of you are leaving comments anonymously which means I will have no way of reaching you if you win the  Christmas Ornament Wreath.  If you are an anonymous commenter, and are trying to win the wreath please check out Kim's tutorial (by clicking on the green button below) so that I can find you on December 8!

Still Thankful (and now featured)

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I was especially thankful for Roeshel last week who featured  (my first feature!!!) mommyiscoocoo on her blog:

Roeshel and I emailed several times after I linked up to her holiday highlights:

The DIY Show Off

Roeshel directed me on a few things I needed to do regarding my Christmas Ornament Wreath give-a-way  and I have begun to feel the support of the blogging community.  Thank you Roeshel!!!  I hope we WILL be able to share our glass (or two) of wine some day soon. 

My Thanksgiving Center Piece

The entire thing.  There's nothing else. 
This is it.  Two pumpkins we acquired along the way.

I was also especially grateful for Cousin who came in from Washington D.C. to be with us on Thanksgiving (my children were enthralled with Cousin all weekend long ~ bonus for me and Mr. coocoo,  no rest at all for cousin). It was nice to be with family.  We had yummy food (thank you Shantel Caprice  for telling me about the turkey cutlet.  I may never learn how to make a turkey) and a very relaxing day over all.  Mr. coocoo said it was our families best Thanksgiving yet.

How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath

Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath

For years, I have been buying ornaments at thrift stores and after Christmas sales to make ornament wreaths for my kids teachers and other extra special people.  

*Update - I've made a how to Christmas Ornament Wreath Video. See it below.
Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath / detailed ornament wreath tutorial / http://www.mommyiscoocoo.com/
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Christmas Ornament Wreath Give-a-Way

It Could Be Yours by Christmas...

If you want to be eligible to win this beautiful ornament wreath, there are four (you could do all four and quadruple your chances) different ways to enter:

1. become a follower of mommyiscoocoo and leave me a comment telling me you are
2. leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about the Holidays
3. share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and comment that you've done so
4. blog about this give-a-way and leave me a comment

A winner will be randomly selected on December 8! 

*this give-a-way is open to U.S. Residents only (this lovely wreath would NEVER make it across the ocean in one piece)

Black, White, and Hot Pink Damask

Black and White Damask

Black, White & Hot Pink

Damask Stencil

all things black, white, and hot pink

black and white door with pink hardware

Zoe's dresser, black with white damask print

the black and white mirrors (to be hung vertically or horizontally)

linking to...

book wreath give-a-way

and the winner is....

~ loyal blog follower ~

~ Gretchen ~

If you would like to make a book wreath of your very own grab an old book, your glue gun, lots of band aids and visit  living with lindsay for an awesome tutorial.

On a personal note, I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you who have become followers of mommyiscoocoo.  I truly feel excited each time I log on and  find a new follower.  I look forward to sharing a small part of my life with you.  I hope you will continue to laugh and be inspired.

Crazy Momma, Amanda

My First Ever Follower Give Away is Tomorrow!!!

It's  your last chance to become a follower of my blog and have a chance to win this  

~ Lovely Book Wreath ~

or a Vintage Polish magnet board


Tonight, my husband will pick a random number based on my current number of followers (at the moment 52).  If your name corresponds with the number he chooses, You are the winner!  Good luck!

P.S. If you aren't sure if you are a follower of this blog look on the right side of the page under my lovely followers.

When you move your mouse across the pictures if you don't see your name you are not a member and can't win the book wreath.  So, become a follower today for a chance to win!

~ My New Love Seat ~

Need I say more...

Don't underestimate what a good upholsterer can do for you. 

I paid $50 for this love seat from Craigslist (a better blogger would have a before picture) and after ten yards of fabric and a trip to my upholsterer here is the love seat/art work I rest my popo (that's poe-poe) on every evening.


Christmas Ornament Wreath

They're back...

and coming soon to Serendipity Market

One of my favorite Christmas Decorations!!! 

I'll be putting my vintage ornament wreath out soon and leaving it up until... who knows when.  

Follower Give Away Next Tuesday!!!

Time is running out!  You have one week to become a follower of this blog and have a chance to win this book wreath (or a magnet board).

~ Lovely Book Wreath ~

or a Vintage Polish magnet board

{click here to see magnet boards}

Pennsylvania Plates ~ It's the little things...

I collect plates from Pennsylvania (where I was born). 

I have been collecting these plates for  years. I enjoy looking through stacks of plates at thrift stores and estate sales.  Imagine the satisfaction of sorting through a large stack of plates only to find one near the bottom for 10 cents.

The joy and excitement!

I love collecting things but I only have so much space and money so, as an added challenge I never pay more than a quarter for my plates.  If you are short on cash, plates of various color and size are the perfect choice for decorating your walls. 

Don't limit yourself to plates in the kitchen or dining room either

My plates are hanging in the study.  They are a colorful distraction as I sit here typing.


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