for Nanny at Christmas

 ~ It's New Years Eve ~

Christmas is over but I want to celebrate Nanny before the year ends.

Mr. coocoo got sweaters from Target this year.  Nanny got the best gift...

~ large cork board ~

~ with awesome black frame ~

~ everyday Nanny comes to work is like Christmas for me ~

~ my cork board helpers ~
We LOVE Nanny!

coocoo Christmas favorite

So you've seen it a million times already.  I just can't help myself.  It's hanging in my kitchen.  I look at it a hundred times a day {not because I am cooking, because I am eating}. 

It involves so many things I love:

  • drinking wine
  • collecting
  • a beautiful frame
  • cork boards
  • vintage ornaments
  • drinking wine {oh wait...}

~ the vintage ornament wreath & cork board ~

~ my favorite Christmas thing! ~

at Serendipity today and NOT at Serendipity

~ the last ornament wreath of the season ~

Serendipity Market called the other day and let me know I sold my last ornament wreath. But there are a few days left until Christmas so last night when I put my kids to bed I pulled everything out of the attic and made just one more.  I hope YOU get it.

~ the argyle chair ~

~ Seriously Cute ~

~ several small cork boards ~

{two of them pictured here}

What I took to Serendipity but didn't leave there

 ~ My {used to be} beautiful red table ~

What happened to my beautiful red table with smokey gray chandelier?  I don't know!  This has never happened to me before. 

When I removed the table from my car, it was still perfect.  I placed it on the cart (table side down-same as I normally do) to move it into my space.  There were no major bumps along the way!  When I turned the table over this is what it looked like. Ahhhhhh! 

I did prep the table surface by sanding it.  My only guess is the paint didn't adhere because I painted it in my garage in the freezing (literally) cold. 

Has this ever happened to you?  I hope not. 

There is no cocktail bar at Serendipity Market. So, I consoled myself with a little shopping at an upscale thrift store.  I felt much better $29 later after I had purchased...

 ~ ornaments for next years ornament wreaths ~

~ some cheap frames ~

~ six strands of lights for an upcoming project ~

*Do the lights work? I have no idea and it doesn't even matter. Stay tuned!

(some) coocoo kids with Santa & our tree

~ I tried to get a picture with all of my kids on Santa's lap ~

 ~ here's how that worked out ~

Pearl screamed bloody murder so she was promptly removed {after one pic was taken.  she is my third after all and "she'll be fine!"}

~ our sweet girl ~

~ our sweet boys ~

~ cheese ~

~ our babies ~

I am not a "mom blogger"  ewww.  My children frequently get on my nerves and several days a  week, I mean month, several days a month, I find myself thinking, "isn't it fine to have wine anytime after four?"  I am, madly in love with my children and think they are the cutest things I have ever seen in front of a Christmas tree.

*Nanny went with me to see Santa and I don't want her to sue my @ss off because I didn't mention her.

the coocoo Christmas trees

~ the kids tree ~
decorated completely by the kids
located in the family room

The randomness of it makes me nuts (nuttier Mr. coocoo would say)

{I am absolutely a fan of tinsel and multi-colored lights (some of the multi-colored lights should definitely flash). This is what I grew up with. I took off all the white lights that came with this tree (coocoo, coocoo) and added my own multi-colored lights. Notice the green cords EVERYWHERE.

~ Our Main Tree ~

located in our formal living room
it's the first thing you see when you walk in the front door

{Thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown when I mistakenly got the big tree out before the kids tree and let them decorate it}.

~ small trees on my buffet in the dining room~

{How pretty are these trees?!?!}

{I love the different colors of these trees. I put vintage bulbs on the tree in the center. They stay exactly like this all year long. After New Year's, I move them right into my attic (bulbs and all).

~ the tree in my boys bedroom ~

{It (also) goes right from the boys room into the attic just like this}

Mr. coocoo can't believe how many Christmas trees we have.  I don't think it really counts unless you plug it in though so I am going to say we have three trees.

How many Christmas trees do you have?

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The DIY Show Off

12 (or so) days of coocoo Christmas ~ china cabinet~

~ My China Cabinet ~

{This china cabinet used to be my parents.  I grew up with it. It used to be  brown Walnut. When my mom gave it to me I asked her if I could paint it.  She said yes but she also said I was crazy!!!  Until she saw it painted green and then she asked for it back}.

If you celebrate Christmas and you don't have a bowl full of ornaments.  YOU ARE CooCoo!  Get one immediately.  It is beautiful to look at and can be very cheap to buy if you know what you are doing.

12 (or so) Days of coocoo Christmas ~ the nativity ~

My Nesting Tables (given to me by Gigi)
{here is what they look like most of the time}

I believe Jesus truly is the reason for the season, so I'll start out with my nativity

{from Italy but can also be purchased at Dillards (WTH?!?!)}

Mr. coocoo and I went to Italy for two weeks for my 30th birthday. The trip was everything I had always dreamed it would be. Also, it was the only time Mr. coocoo encouraged me to have wine at lunch and dinner (coke $7ish, wine $3ish dollars a glass). Wewwww freaking hewwwww!

Amongst other things, I had always wanted a nativity set from Italy. I don't know why. Mr. coocoo and I searched in Rome for the perfect set. We bought this nativity {below} close to the Vatican {but not really close because it is triple the cost for the exact same thing if you are in the Vatican gift shop (yes they have a gift shop there - weird, right?)}.
So, the following year I am hauling ass {please note I believe in Jesus AND drinking wine AND saying ass) at Dillard's and I see my EXACT SAME NATIVITY SET. WTH? I stopped in my tracks. I picked up all the pieces and they all said, "made in Italy" just like mine. I am still recovering.

*Also,  I bought the same nativity set {only slightly smaller} for Shantel Caprice AT A GARAGE SALE for $12.50.  My set costs hundreds of dollars.  Shantel Caprice's set has about 40 pieces.  Mine only has the basics {Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Angel, Shepherds, Wise Men, and a few animals}.  Shantel Caprice's set was missing the baby Jesus but, please!  we all know she can just run to Dillards and get one anytime.

from Linda

from Grandma Dean
{who my creativiy comes from, via my mom}

I let my children play with this nativity.  It is precious because it is from my grandma but also plastic and can't really be hurt.  Although, baby Jesus is slightly deformed because my dog chewed it {he didn't chew any other piece}.  Hmmm, he may be in trouble re: doggie heaven.

Pearl playing with our stuffed nativity!

Weekend Bloggy Reading

at Serendipity Market today

~ visit my space ~

~ red & blue door with crown hooks ~

~ cowboy screen ~

~ new red chair ~

~ peacock magnet board ~

~ lots of goodies ~

There's No Hope for Success & Ornament Wreath Give-A-Way

There are SO MANY reason's I'll never be a successful blogger. 

Here are two of those reasons:

1. I am SO GLAD the ornament wreath give a way is over today!  I can (probably) manage to write a blog but promoting a blog is a lot of work.  You can promote a blog all the time and that drives a coocoo person like me NUTS (I like to check things off a list and move on).

2. As a new blogger you are supposed to visit other blogs and comment about their posts.  I am visiting lots of blogs and most of the stuff people blog about doesn't interest me at all (yet these folks have thousands of followers).  Hmmmm...  I have no desire to leave a "hater" comment so I just move on to the next blog.

Recently, I've read several post about the elf on the shelf.  We have an elf, "telly" and I love this new family tradition.  If you aren't familiar, the general idea is Santa sends your family an elf around the beginning of December.  Your family names the elf. Every night he/she goes back to the north pole and reports your naughty or nice behaviour to Santa.  Brilliant!  The Elf sits in a new place everyday so your child knows he/she has been to see Santa.

Again, I love this new family tradition.  It's a lot of fun for my kids and when they are misbehaving I can glance over at Telly and they whip into shape quickly.  Lots of bloggers are blogging about the Elf.  What I don't get is the people who are blogging about what their Elf does after their kid goes to bed.  Seriously.  There are people (lots of them) who draw pictures, make cookies, etc... for their kids from their Elf.  OMG!  I will NEVER be this kind of mom/blogger. 

Here is a coocoo list of some things you could do instead:

  1. watch a movie
  2. take a bath without your whole family staring at you
  3. have a glass of wine
  4. locate some mistletoe and your husband
  5. read a book
If you have an Elf, your kids are doing WAY BETTER than most.  When your kids go to bed, move your elf from the chandelier to the shelf and be done with it!

Now, on to the most important business of the day.  In a truly awesome act of randomness Roeshel from thediyshowoff won the ornament wreath.  Congratulations Roeshel!  Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Brother of coocoo

I called my (not so coocoo) brother last week and asked for some blog help (brother of coocoo can figure out anything, especially anything related to computers/the internet).  He is a fireman.  What does fireman have to do with the story?  Absolutely nothing but, come on ladies who doesn't love a fireman? {he is not one of those old chubby types either}  Just ask his wife...

Anyway, brother of coocoo has put a facebook button on my blog (glance over there to the right).  Please take a moment to like mommyiscoocoo on facebook

Why you might ask? 

1. It makes me happy every time I log on and see someone new has liked mommyiscoocoo

2. Because one day I will have so many followers (I'm a believer), I will no longer post on my personal facebook page but only on the mommyiscoocoo page and if you haven't "liked" mommyiscoocoo you will miss out on all these lovely posts.

You (mom) are coocoo!

If you are a follower of mommyiscoocoo and you haven't entered the Ornament Wreath Give-A-Way.  You are coocoo and need to do so now!!!  The give-a-way is next Thursday!

You must be a follower to be eligible to win the ornament wreath but there are four (you could do all four and quadruple your chances) different ways to enter:

1. become a follower of mommyiscoocoo and leave me a comment telling me you are
2. leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about the Holidays
3. share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and comment that you've done so
4. blog about this give-a-way and leave me a comment telling me you have done so

Now, enough with all of the craziness.  Comment today! 


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