How to Make Embroidery Hoop Artwork

Embroidery Hoop 

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How to make an Embroidery Hoop Art Wall

~ I love fabric! ~

 I have lots of fabric remnants.
I also have this big, blank wall
in our newly painted guest bedroom. Hmmm...
So I bought a few large wooden hoops at Hobby Lobby
added some fabric & hung them on the wall

I am liking it!

So I start looking for lots of wooden hoops on ebay

I purchased thirty hoops for $15

and added fabric I already had to the hoops

I tried not to worry a lot about fabric placement
or what part of the fabric looked best
{as with all my projects I recommend wine if you are anal and tend to over think things}

If you like the fabric, DON'T WORRY about it matching!

Next I trimmed all the extra fabric
and began placing the hoops on the wall

{you will most definitely need some wine for this part}

I rotated sides and added a few hoops on the left and then a few on the right. I used very small nails.

Try your best NOT to over think it.

some of my hoops touch. some don't.
~ the finished product ~

~ my constant companion ~

~ my Pearl ~

{in her brothers old pajamas ~ because that is what happens when you are
the third baby, first girl}

What do you do with fabric remnants?

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