on the hunt for coocoo treasures

some people may be scared when they find themselves

 in a warehouse that looks like this...
{there's nothing wrong with my camera
most of the lights don't work}
I'm excited!

I say a little prayer asking God to keep me safe!

I call a friend and tell her where I am
in case I don't make it home 
because something has fallen on me and pinned me down
I put on my close toed shoes
and begin the hunt...

Antique Headboard

here are a couple of the treasures I came home with today

Antique Door with Beveled Mirror

antique door with beveled mirror
banged up and probably survived a fire

a door like this is extremely rare

Vintage Hardware

an antique switch plate for my new door

Five Panel Door

an antique five paneled door
oh, the possibilities!

stay tuned to see what becomes of my treasures.

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