Happy 5th Birthday!

Our son turned five last month. 

My first baby.

FIVE! It's a milestone.

Wow! We have helped to keep someone alive for five years.

I had no idea how my life would change when my son was born.
I had a very hard time learning how to breastfeed and when Mr. coocoo would leave for work I frequently looked at my baby and thought, "it's just me and you baby, let's see if we can make it through the day!"

I love being a mom.

I (most of the time) enjoy my son.

Mr. coocoo and I truly love watching him grow and change.

My son, the only one of my three children who looks anything like me also has a personality just like mine and it exhaust me, as I've mentioned here.

I can appreciate it is hard being the oldest.

I am trying my best but I am definitely learning a lot about parenting as I go.

I sometimes have to apologize for "welling" (yelling).

When I was disciplining my son today he said, "Mom, I don't know everything now that I am five! I'm just learning how to be five."   I can completely relate as I am just learning how to be a parent of a five year old.

The day before my son's birthday, I told him to enjoy the day because it was his last day to be four and he said, "I am glad. It has been a really tough year."  When I asked him why he said,

"Well, you are always bossing me and telling me what to do!"

  Wow! He has no idea.

 He has also told me a few times recently, "this is the worst day of my life!" 

I didn't want to break it to him it was going to get so much worse and I would probably be bossing him in a similar manner for the next 15 20 or so years.  

My baby, my first born, my future rocket man paleontologist, Daddy and I love you.  You make everyday more joyful just because you are there.

~ Happy 5th Birthday! ~

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