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Chalk Paint

*Update!  Find my 5 Free Chalk Paint Recipes here *
My sometimes coocoo Momma has gone crazy for Chalk Paint!  She's driving forty miles and spending all of my inheritance buying it!  She loves it and can't get enough of it.  I'd love to try it myself but there is no place to buy it around here (unless you know of a place?). I thought I was out of luck and then I found my friend Candy! 

Chalk Paint Recipes

Hi All, I'm Candy,  and I'm from PICKIN and PAINTIN, a little blog that I started less than three months ago, in hopes of making a little extra income.  I never dreamed how much I'd love being part of the blog world.  It has definitely been fun and I've already met so many wonderful people.  Usually I just give easy tutorials and pictures of projects that I do, to sell in my shop.  And, below is one that has been a favorite:


Okay, so I promised to give you a quick tutorial on the projects in my last post..... click here to see.
Like many in the blogging community, I'd heard great things about chalk paint.  But, most of the goodies that I paint are for RESALE, so I cannot pay the prices that I'm hearing that stuff cost.  Plus it is not sold in my area.  So, I'll either have to jump into the truck and drive about 80 miles to buy it, OR order it online and pay EXTRA to have it shipped to me.  Sooooo, like many, again, I decided to MAKE MY OWN.  

And, I also wanted to try it on really difficult pieces.  This little table is NOT real wood.  I think maybe it is press wood, not sure.  But anyway, a difficult piece when you're talking about the paint adhering to the surface.

chalk paint table, chalk paint recipes, with mommy is coocoo

chalk paint table, chalk paint recipes, with mommy is coocoo

The recipe I decided to try I found HERE.  I tried the plaster of Paris mixture.  It seemed really thin, but it did GRAB to the surface.  After two coats, I gave the piece a good sanding, distressing around the edges.  And, I really did like the finished product.  I tried on these two small tables first, but then graduated on to the rocker in my last post.

chalk paint table, chalk paint recipes, with mommy is coocoo

This pie crust table even had BLACK ENAMEL paint on it.  Annnd, to my surprise, my new paint mixture STUCK TIGHT.  This one, I sanded back where you could see the black and yellow under layers.  Loved it!!!  

Okay, you've gotta give it a try.  Honestly, I hated painting with it, but I loved the finished product.  And, anything that lets you SKIP the prep stages..........well, I'm all for it.

Chalk Paint Recipes here

Thanks so very much to Amanda at Mommy is CooCoo for giving me the opportunity to share with her followers.  And, please, please take a minute to come visit my blog PICKIN and PAINTIN, take a look around, and hopefully you'll enjoy some of the things you read and see.  

                                Thanks to All Ya'll   8-)

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