Help the coocoo's not go crazy!

We are about to embark on our first major home renovation. We have done numerous small projects but this will be our first complete room gut.  Everything is coming out of our master bathroom and all new stuff is going in! 

 ~ Here's the coocoo Master Bathroom ~

In case you've really been missing 1992! Welcome back. 

You'll feel right at home here.

The Double Vanity and BIG, broken Bathtub.

Hello Shower!!!  Did you notice the gold? 
Bet you're envious of my glass door/shower curtain combo?

What about my lamb/rooster/sheep wallpaper?

Crack.  It happens. 
It's been happening in my bathroom for months.

More of the glass door/shower curtain combo.

Check these Babies Out!!! 

 Give me some of those maroon metal blinds!

The toilet paper holder has been broken for months. 
Why do I continue to keep the broken part there?

Can you say peeling wallpaper EVERYWHERE!

Look at this trim. Classy, right?!?!

Really, there are no words. 

Notice the blue cord (you can't miss it).  What's this cord for? 
We don't know!?!?  Should we cut it?

Again, no words.

We're so coocoo we like to have all finishes represented in our bathroom (brass, bronze, or silver).

I was tempted to clean up but...
 this is what our counter top looks like 90% 98% of the time.

My attempt to make the bathroom pretty.

Now we need your help!

Have you renovated your bathroom?
Or done another major home renovation project before?

What advice do you have so we don't go completely coocoo?
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