How to Make American Flag Pallet Artwork

Black & Decker Cyclone

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How to Make American Flag Pallet Artwork

Pallet Artwork

American Flag Pallet Artwork

When osama bin laden died I got out all of our Americana decor.  Although I had had my American flag cross for many years, for the first time I was deeply moved by the scripture on the cross, "I will fear no evil for thou art with me."  This scripture helped me explain to my children why we were hanging all of decorations and celebrating.

wine corks, large cork board made from wine corks from mommy is coocoo

After looking for inspiration for a pallet I brought home on big trash day, I knew I wanted to make an American flag.  I also knew I wanted to incorporate the scripture into my flag artwork.  I am thrilled with the results!  I think this will go down in coocoo history as one of my favorite projects.

American Flag Pallet Artwork

Here's How I did it:
  • Disassemble (does everyone think of Johnny #5 when they write disassemble?) the pallet
  • Lightly sand the wood with the Black & Decker Cyclone
  • Trace a cross onto the pallet wood (I bought this cross at Hobby Lobby which was totally coocoo of me because I have a large cross collection and I should have used one of those and saved $15)
  • Paint red, white, and blue all around your traced cross (alternate one white plank one red plank to make it easier)

  • Small tubes of crafter's paint you can buy for a dollars will work perfectly
  • DO NOT involve your children (I did with disastrous results) DO this project with your kids!  It's a great opportunity to teach them about patriotism.
  • Unless you have beautiful hand-writing, use a stencil and trace on the scripture (or whatever you want it to say) with a pencil
  • When you have aligned the words how you want them use a black sharpie and draw over the pencil
  • Use a stencil to paint on the stars (I used different sized stars, placed randomly to make it easier)
When the paint dries, secure all of the boards together.  I used a small piece of wood placed vertically on the horizontal planks and nailed each board.
how to make an American flag from a pallet from mommy is coocoo
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Goodbye Photos of Europe!  Hello Pallet Artwork 

If you are a detailed person, you will notice I put Proverbs on my cross but the scripture is actually from Psalms.  Oops!!!  coocoo.

how to make an American flag from a pallet from mommy is coocoo
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how to make an American flag from a pallet from mommy is coocoo
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I love the juxtaposition of the pallet wood with my red spray painted crystal chandelier.

Have you made anything with a pallet before?

What is your favorite 4th of July decoration?

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