How to Remove A Large Vanity Mirror

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Vanity Mirror

You will need to use your imagination in this post but it’ll be worth it so you can see how I turned my builders basic vanity mirror into this beautiful bathroom mirror.

vanity mirror
Before my bathroom mirror was unframed and hung horizontally.  Contractor wanted $150 to remove and dispose of the mirror {smart.  I read just about everywhere it is impossible to take these mirrors down without breaking them}. However, I buy a lot of mirror for my free-standing doors with mirror so I know a mirror this size is worth several hundred dollars. 
vanity mirrorI called the man I buy mirror from and asked him if he would make a house call.  He did! Mirror Man and his friend (I don’t have a picture of them so let’s just say they look like the guys pictured below) removed the mirror without any of it breaking in about ten minutes.
{Mom, DO NOT google a picture of, “two men working!”  Seriously!  I was working on this post one evening and saw a computer screen full of gay porn.}
Mirror Man brought over four suction cup things that looked just like this (below).  He placed them on the vanity mirror did a little mirror wiggling made some placement adjustments and then called his friend over and they literally just pulled and the mirror came off the wall.
I made out with Mirror Man for ten minutes-just kidding! gave Mirror Man $40 for his ten minutes and everyone was happy!
Actually, I was thrilled! I don’t think just anyone could do this.  The point is be resourceful!  Make some phone calls!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Everyone was happy in this scenario:
  1. I saved a lot of money and ended up with a beautiful result.
  2. Contractor didn’t have to remove the mirror and learned something new.
  3. With minimal effort Mirror Man made $40 on his way home from work.
Per Mirror Man’s instruction, Contractor attached the mirror to the wall with Gunther Premier Mirror Mastic.
 I purchased  two different styles of trim pieces and used paint I already had to make a frame for the mirror.
 My assistants help me to caulk, fill in the nail holes and (touch-up) paint the  trim after Contractor hung it on the wall.
The mirror has become the focal point of my bathroom!
With my second hand chandelier and beautiful new bathtub the effect is just stunning.
See the bathroom before here and the bathroom progress here}
When is the last time you were really resourceful?
Has your spouse ever found you accidentally looking at gay porn?
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Lovely comments

  1. says

    Oh wow, Amanda! I love that you re-used a mirror (and found a way to remove it safely and in one piece) and the new placement with your beautiful frame – love it! Stunning bathroom! So dreamy! Off to share and pin. ;)

  2. says

    Thanks so much for the info on how to remove it! I have a mirror that looks like your before.

    Your new mirror/bath looks like a pic taken from a magazine page! I love it.

  3. says

    AMAZING! It looks incredible! I’m so happy it’s coming along just as you imagined!!!

    p.s. i laughed out loud reading this post. (-;

  4. says

    I’m Baaaaaaack! That mirror looks great. I am so happy you got it down without breaking it. I hope you were able to save that BEAUTIFUL wallpaper that was hiding under it.

    Please send those two “workers” over to my house for a day or so. They would be fun to just look at. xo Diana

    ps. sorry you got caught viewing your gay porn site~;>)

  5. says

    oh my goodness that is awesome!! it truly looks wonderful. also LOL about the two men working bit…!

  6. says

    I love the mirror and it’s definitely the focal point of your bathroom…in more ways than one

  7. says

    What a gorgeous bathroom!

    I’ve tried taking a mirror off, and broke it..

    I guess i needed those suction cup thing a ma jiggies..

    have a spectacular week!

  8. says

    Hahahahaha – totally been busted looking at *questionable* images after googling “boys dancing”…lol I love this mirror idea, I have our old vanity Goliath sitting in the basement and want to put it up in my bedroom. Thanks for the mastic tip! Pinning away in Ontario :)

  9. says

    Oh my GAWSH! You did it. I’ve been waiting to see the reveal and WOW! You really pulled it off. Gotta go pin that pic right now for inspiration!
    P.S. thanks for being my very first twitter follower!

  10. says

    That looks amazing! My mil, while studying for her phd was oing a thesis on intellectually gifted girls – this very conservative woman googled gifted girls, and was horrified with the results. Sometimes google turns on us :P

  11. says

    I think you already know your mirror project is gaw-jous, lol. Yeah it really is.
    Your bathroom is so nice I’m going to pout for awhile. I have to wait for years to get what I want and try to do it myself before mr.hubs will do anything. Not like he doesn’t have the time these days. Too busy playing solitaire on the pc.
    Yeah I have to be resourceful all the time as hubs likes to take the easy way no matter what it costs me.
    We have a big mirror over our vanity which hubs framed out, what a difference it makes .Think I’ll get some small trim tho to put inside the frame he made to make it look even better. The frame he built over vanity came from left overs he got where he used to work. Now if I could just get a new counter top and sink. That would make me happy.
    I’ve always wondered, why if they have plenty of room on the counter why don’t they put in two sinks while they’re at it? For pete’s sake, give me a break, that one sink set at end of counter looks stupid. Ah well had to vent a little.

  12. says

    Your note to your mom is hilarious. I had a mormon lady that lived by me once. She was new to internet surfing and searched for “young women . com” Can you imagine? SHOCK! I love your mirror and tub too.

  13. says

    You did a beautiful job on that mirror. I have removed two mirrors from my bathrooms and neither of them broke. I just had four helpers all decked out in shoes, leather gloves and goggles. It took two on each side holding it so it didn’t fall and break and two pulling ever so gently to remove them. Of course then there were the bad spots on the wall where they had been glued and I had to do some patching, but it all ended well. I didn’t know about framing them at the time or I would have done that. This was preblog days for me. I Freecycled both mirrors and you are right they were probably worth some $$ but I had no use for them and there were others very willing to come and take them away.

  14. says

    Congrats on the Better After feature my friend. Well deserved, your bathroom is now a beauty!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  15. says

    Just popping in for a closer look from Better After. You are a RIOT!! Great repurpose form the mirror.

  16. says

    This is so beautiful! I want to live in this bathroom! It looks so calm and relaxing and still so elegant. I love the chandelier! Also, you are a funny writer. Very entertaining. Glad I found this blog.

  17. says

    Wow what a great way to repurpose a mirror. Stunning is all I can say about your bath area. You really did a great job with such creativity and elegance.

  18. says

    I removed a mirror in a bathroom at our old house. I contacted a mirror place and they told me I’d have to hire someone to do it. Then I contacted some handyman guy online who told me not to attempt it myself. Then I googled it and bought a suction cup at the auto parts store (used to remove dents) and my daughter and I safely (and easily)removed it in one piece.

    I had my friend go to youtube one time to see a video and she hit a wrong key when typing youtube and we both screamed…a very short glimpse of gay porn!! :P

  19. says

    That is exactly the chandelier my Grandma had in her living room circa 1970. Love it!

  20. Barbara says

    Article titled “How to cut mirror” and contains nothing about the title. Like what you fid, but…..

  21. Phyllis says

    You’re new bathroom is a dream. When suveyed my bathroom mirror to take-down & reuse, I discovered that it used clips. The top ones pull up to allow the mirror to be tilted out and then pushed down to clip back in. Much easier than mastic. Also, pretty foresightful for my 70’s house. All this to say some mirrors may be easier to remove as mine was.

    • Amanda says

      Those clips are a great idea.


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