How to Remove A Large Vanity Mirror

How to Remove A Large Vanity Mirror

You will need to use your imagination in this post but it'll be worth it so you can see how I turned my builders basic vanity mirror into this beautiful bathroom mirror.
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How to remove a large vanity mirror:

Before my bathroom mirror was unframed and hung horizontally.  Contractor wanted $150 to remove and dispose of the mirror {smart.  I read just about everywhere it is impossible to take these mirrors down without breaking them}. However, I buy a lot of mirror for my free-standing doors with mirror so I know a mirror this size is worth several hundred dollars. 

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I called the man I buy mirror from and asked him if he would make a house call.  He did! Mirror Man and Mr. coocoo  (I don't have a picture of them so let's just say they look like the guys pictured below. Mr. coocoo has tons of hair so we'll say he is the one on the left) removed the mirror without any of it breaking in about ten minutes. 

{Mom, DO NOT google a picture of, "two men working!"  Seriously!  I was working on this post one evening before bed and Mr. coocoo leaned over to kiss me goodnight and saw a computer screen full of gay porn.  OMG!  "Huh" he said.  Then he kissed me and went to bed.}

Mirror Man brought over four suction cup things that looked just like this (below).  He placed them on the vanity mirror did a little mirror wiggling made some placement adjustments and then called Mr. coocoo over and they literally just pulled and the mirror came off the wall.  I made out with Mirror Man for ten minutes-just kidding! gave Mirror Man $40 for his ten minutes and everyone was happy!
Actually, I was thrilled! I don't think just anyone could do this.  The point is be resourceful!  Make some phone calls!  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Everyone was happy in this scenario:
  1. Mr. coocoo and I saved a lot of money and ended up with a beautiful result.
  2. Contractor didn't have to remove the mirror and learned something new.
  3. With minimal effort Mirror Man made $40 on his way home from work. 

Per Mirror Man's instruction, Contractor attached the mirror to the wall
Gunther Premier Mirror Mastic


I purchased  two different styles of trim pieces and
used paint I already had to make a frame for the mirror.

My assistants help me to caulk, fill in the nail holes
 and (touch-up) paint the  trim after Contractor hung it on the wall.

The mirror has become the focal point of my bathroom! 

With my second hand chandelier and beautiful new bathtub the effect is just stunning.  It is exactly what I envisioned when I was looking for inspiration.

{See the bathroom before here and the bathroom progress here}
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When is the last time you were really resourceful?
Has your spouse ever found you accidentally looking at gay porn?

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