Christmas Wreath Made from Burnt Out Lights

I am so excited to show you my newest Christmas wreath tutorial.
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How to UP-cycle Your Burnt Out Christmas Lights

I love using things most people would throw away and making something beautiful.  Remember when I ...

found these Christmas lights at a second hand shop?  I bought several strands.  Most of them have gone in our now totally coocoo front yard but I was able to take a few of the burnt out lights and add them to my burnt out Christmas light collection. {that's right I've got a collection of burnt our Christmas lights}

How to make a Wreath from burnt out Christmas Lights

Supply List
  • Foam wreath (mom, you can but it at Hobby Lobby)
  • Yarn (any color you like)
  • Hot glue and a glue gun
  • Christmas Lights
  • Optional (although highly recommended) glitter and spray paint
  • Wine. I recommend drinking all the time with all my projects
1. Wrap your wreath with yarn
2. Use your hot glue gun and glue the bulbs to the wreath/yarn 
Don't over think it! Are you drinking your wine? Take another glass sip. Place bulbs on all sides of the wreath {top, inside, and outside} for a fuller effect. 
3. Optional, but I recommend it - spray paint some of your lights.
This is a simple way to add color to your wreath (and a great way to get rid of  all the spray paint cans you have with a tiny bit of paint in them).
It's impossible to tell which bulbs are spray-painted. 
4. Finally, use spray on glitter and lightly dust your lights.

I struggled with where to put my new wreath.  I want to look at it all the time! Ultimately I decided it was a great way to greet our guest and I hung it (very carefully) on our front door.
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Happy Holidays from mommy is coocoo!
Have you heard about a good up-cycle lately?
Are you a white lights or multi-colored family? 
Do you put up your own lights?  Pay someone to do it? 

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