Christmas Wreath Made from Burnt Out Lights

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I am so excited to show you my newest Christmas wreath tutorial.
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How to UP-cycle Your Burnt Out Christmas Lights

I love using things most people would throw away and making something beautiful.  Remember when I …
found these Christmas lights at a second hand shop?  I bought several strands.  Most of them have gone in our now totally coocoo front yard but I was able to take a few of the burnt out lights and add them to my burnt out Christmas light collection. {that’s right I’ve got a collection of burnt our Christmas lights}

How to make a Wreath from burnt out Christmas Lights

Supply List

  • Foam wreath (mom, you can but it at Hobby Lobby)
  • Yarn (any color you like)
  • Hot glue and a glue gun
  • Christmas Lights
  • Optional (although highly recommended) glitter and spray paint
  • Wine. I recommend drinking all the time with all my projects

1. Wrap your wreath with yarn

2. Use your hot glue gun and glue the bulbs to the wreath/yarn 

Don’t over think it! Are you drinking your wine? Take another glass sip. Place bulbs on all sides of the wreath {top, inside, and outside} for a fuller effect. 

3. Optional, but I recommend it – spray paint some of your lights.

This is a simple way to add color to your wreath (and a great way to get rid of  all the spray paint cans you have with a tiny bit of paint in them).

It’s impossible to tell which bulbs are spray-painted. 

4. Finally, use spray on glitter and lightly dust your lights.

I struggled with where to put my new wreath.  I want to look at it all the time! Ultimately I decided it was a great way to greet our guest and I hung it (very carefully) on our front door.

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Happy Holidays from mommy is coocoo!
Have you heard about a good up-cycle lately?
Are you a white lights or multi-colored family? 
Do you put up your own lights?  Pay someone to do it? 

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Lovely comments

  1. says

    Okay, that is absolutely genius!! Now I just have to find a bunch of burnt out lights… Hmmm…

    • Becky Tillett says

      You may be able to find old string of light at thrift stores. Yard sales are also a good place, but unless you live somewhere with a warm winter it is a little late for them.

      • Amanda says

        I found lots of my lights at estate sales.

  2. says

    What a fun and cute way to reuse burnt out christmas lights! It’s too bad I’m not crafty, otherwise I would give this a try! ha!

  3. says

    I LOVE this we have a whole tub of these lights that we aren’t using I might make one!

  4. says

    I am a multicolored gal and my husband put up the lights this year :) I have put them up in the past, too.

  5. says

    Great idea! Love that you’re creating beauty AND saving the landfill. Visiting via Tattertots and Jello.

  6. says

    Your wreath is absolutely great, gorgeous, cheery. Love all the colors. You’ll have the only one like it. I just love it when smart gals upcycle throw away things. It bothers the heck out of me to throw something away I could reuse. Of course this leads to hoarding “stuff” which my husband nags at me alot about.
    Great project as always.

  7. says

    Stopping in to pin your wreath, I love it.


  8. says

    So cute! The different colors are so cheerful – I think the spray paint was a great idea.

  9. says

    Hi Amanda. I was very excited to find your link this morning. I linked a bulb wreath as well and hope you will come by to check it out. Yours is simply wonderful and what a great tutorial! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  10. Mary says

    Amanda, as my mother & grandmother would say … “Your one smart cookie”! Love how you recycled and gave new life to old memories.
    Your tutorials are always wonderful. Hugs, Mary

  11. JoJo says

    Happy almost Turkey day your wreath is so cute

    • Amanda says

      Thank you! To you too.

  12. Linda says

    That is so BEAUTIFUL! Got me thing if there is a way to do this and make it light up?

    • Amanda says

      I bet you could but I always worry what would you do if the lights stopped working?

  13. Joyce says

    love your wreath, makes me wish I hadn’t already gotten rid of all those bulbs.

    • Amanda says

      Oh, no. Sorry you got rid of your bulbs.

  14. Phyllis C says

    You do the cutest things with over stocks.

  15. Phyllis C says

    You do the cutest things with your over stock of things.

  16. Barb Sanders says

    Love the wreath. ..and you made it so easy!

  17. Regina Stillings says

    Love this! i’ve made a couple this week and now am obsessed with finding more bulbs! any tips on spraypainting them so they don’t get on the metal part? just hold them while wearing rubber gloves?
    thanks! love your stuff!

    • Amanda says

      I put masking tape around the metal part. I’d love to see what you come up with.


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