Master Bathroom Update

Master Bathroom Renovation

We are a couple of weeks into our master bathroom remodel. 

See the bathroom before demo here

It's a crapper!

but I can imagine how beautiful it is going to be!

It looks pretty bad in the daylight! 

What do you know! It looks even worse at night!

Lots of wet insulation and rotten wood.

A giant hole that was underneath our bathtub.
  Yep, that's the outside!

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What's the biggest surprise you've run into while renovating?

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How to Print on Fabric and Simple Sewing Tutorials

How to Print on Fabric

Easy Wine Gift Bag Tutorial

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Hi!  I'm Jacinda and I blog over at yellowcloth.  I am so honored to be a guest here at mommy is coocoo.  I found Amanda's amazing tutorial on how to glaze painted furniture at a Linky party and have been hooked ever since!  I'm here today to share a couple of my favorite projects.

First, I want to share my Print on Fabric tutorial
This tutorial is so easy and the possibilities are endless! 

Using this tutorial, I was able to save myself a lot of money
by making my own tags to sew into items for my shop.

This is a great way to applique a photograph or drawing onto clothing, you can print designs on your fabric for small sewing projects, or you can make your own labels like I did.  For the cost of a box of freezer paper (assuming you have a computer and inkjet printer), the sky's the limit!

I also recently turned some too-short, ill-fitting running pants into leggings.  If you have some pants that aren't doing it for you anymore, never fear!  Make them into leggings and they're good as new! 

 I used the same idea to turn some slacks into skinnies as well.  The slacks were not flattering but now, as skinny pants, they're super cute.  I'm actually wearing them as I write this post, as a matter of fact!

Finally, if you need a quick and easy hostess gift that is reusable and turns an ordinary bottle of wine into something a little more special, you can make a wine gift bag.  This was a tutorial I made around Christmastime, obviously, but of course it's good any time of the year.  This bag takes less than an hour to make and you can get really creative with different fabrics.

All these and other tutorials and recipes are posted on yellowcloth, and more are added often.  I also have an Etsy shop where I sell my bicycle handlebar bags, stuffed animals, custom illustrations, and more!  Stop in for a visit anytime, I'd love to have you!


Thank you so much, Amanda, for hosting me on your blog, it was great to be here!

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At Serendipity Market Today (Debbie's Old Stuff)

Magnet Boards, Free-Standing Door with Mirror, Tables

Antique Chair

I entertained myself for hours going through all of the stuff Debbie gave me. See Debbie's loaded down truck here. I've kept lots of things for myself but I'm also sharing some yard sale love with you. At Serendipity Market, you will find my space Vintage Polish on sale for 50% off!

Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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