Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

JoeJoe our baby boy turned four last month. 

Aside from his totally coocoo birth, 
he has been easy right from the beginning.

I enjoyed JoeJoe's infancy the best. 
With a 15 month old and a newborn we didn't venture out much and I was able to just be at home and be present him.
It was easy to fall in love with JoeJoe.

Breastfeeding was much easier the second time around.
I easily fell into mothering JoeJoe.

He has always been attached to his "B" and his "Guk." 
JoeJoe loves comfort items. 

Mr. cooco and I wonder what JoeJoe will become.
He tells us, "I'm going to be a daddy."
JoeJoe is our beautiful baby. 

Regardless of what he was wearing, people used to tell me he was the prettiest little girl right up until last year.

JoeJoe wants to sleep with Mr. coocoo and I every night.

JoeJoe loves playing superhero!
JoeJoe sleeps with the light on
because he is scared of the "gark."
JoeJoe is, "not friends with sissy!"

JoeJoe is enamoured with and fiercely loyal to his brother.

JoeJoe loves to snuggle.
Our blue eyed Sailor
JoeJoe tells me, "Mommy, you are the greatest."

I tell all my children the day they were born, "was the happiest day of my life!"  With each new baby my heart expanded with a new depth of love I had not experienced before. 

JoeJoe the day you were born was the happiest day of my life!

Happy 4th Birthday!
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