Make a Vertical Garden from a Pallet

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I am so excited for you to see this vertical garden!  I love showing you inexpensive ways to create something beautiful and unique for your home.  Not to mention how I feel about taking someones trash and turning it into a treasure.

How to Make a Vertical Garden from a Pallet

Here's what you will need to make a Vertical Garden from a Pallet:
  • hunky guy with a saw and a drill
  • a pallet (bet you can find lots of them on big trash day this spring)
  • paint (whatever color you prefer)
  • potting soil
  • plants
  • landscape fabric
  • staple gun
  • sander

For this vertical garden the pallet was cut down (four planks on the front and two on the back).

Paint the pallet (this pallet was painted blue and lightly sanded).


After the pallet dries completely, use a staple gun to attach landscape fabric to the back and bottom (you can purchase this at any hardware store).


Fill the pallet with lots of potting soil.


Add a variety of plants in between each plank. 
Succulents look beautiful and I love the waterfall look of these petunias on top.


 *Thank you to superstar and mr. superstar (hunky guy) for documenting this process for me!

Attach a plank to the bottom of your vertical garden.
Prop the garden by the pool and enjoy!

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Have you ever thought about making a vertical garden?

What is your favorite pallet project?  Would you take a pallet from someone's big trash (like I did).

Is your dentist handy?  Would he let you put pictures of him (half naked) on your blog?


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