How to Decorate a Transitional Girl Bedroom

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Decorate a Girl Bedroom

In this post you will learn how to  decorate a transitional( budget friendly) bedroom for a little girl. Create an eclectic look by combining new pieces with thrifty finds.

I was so excited to have a baby girl!  I couldn’t wait to decorate her bedroom (because the sex was a surprise Emmaline slept in an all BLUE cradle right beside me for about six months).  Eventually, we bought a crib and Emme moved in to what used to be the guestroom.   It’ll probably seem coocoo to some of you…

antique vanity with chalk paint

but (aside from the crib) every other piece of furniture in this room was already there.  At the prospect of living will all men, I girlied up the guest bedroom ASAP. Additionally, all of these pieces were purchased secondhand.

little girls bedroom*Update – Make sure you check out Emmaline’s Stenciled Ceiling!  

Decorate a Transitional Girl Bedroom

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but I’ll fill in a few of the details as we go.
jenny Lind crib from mommy is coocoo
I purchased this Jenny Lind Crib new and (after a lot of fabric searching) I used hand-me-downs for the bedding.  The chevron blanket was a (thoroughly washed) $5 thrift store find.
reupholstered chair from mommy is coocoo
I purchased this chair for $25 and painted it with homemade chalk paint.  Then I had the chair professionally reupholstered.
antique vanity with red chalk paint
I purchased this vanity for $50 on craigslist and I painted it with homemade chalk paint too.
jenny Lind crib from mommy is coocoo
Emmaline’s large wooden letter E is a one of a kind splurge from my trip to First Monday Traded Days in Canton.  You can see more cool Canton stuff here.
fabric banner from mommy is coocoo
girls room decor
I reconfigured my old Mosquito Net to go over Emmaline’s bed.  The bed was a $10 garage sale find.  My grandma made the white teddy-bear for me when I was a little girl.
life is fragile hadle with prayer
kids book storage from mommy is coocoo
My old baby doll crib. My grandma made this too and we currently use it for books.
girls bedroom decor from mommy is coocoo
I use a $20 garage sale chair with a Tiffany plate (wedding gift)  on top as a nightstand.  Nanny gave Emmaline the vintage Louis Vuitton scarf.
chalk paint mirror from mommy is coocoo
Pink homemade chalk paint vanity mirror.  I fell in-love with this mirror when it was $90.  Then I grabbed it right up when it went on clearance for $20.
girls bedroom decor  mommy is coocoo
I bought the green lamp (on the left) for $15 at a thrift store.  I painted it and then added $1 pearl necklaces I bought at an antique co-op.
free standing door
I purchased this Angels danced the day you were born quote wall saying vinyl decal when the room was used for guests.
decorative pillows from mommy is coocoo
vintage hats from mommy is coocoo
My grandma gave me a vintage hat on a family trip twenty years ago.  I’ve been drawn to old hats ever since. You can pick them up inexpensively at antique stores all over the place.  I’ve clipped vintage hats to the top of Emmaline’s curtains.
girls bedroom from mommy is coocoo
An antique cradle (purchased for $5) is the perfect place to store pretty pillows.
painted wooden letters from mommy is coocoo
This lucky girl has her own bathroom.  Check out the 5 panel door I turned into Emmaline’s towel rack here.

You can also check out Emmalines closet here.

What was your favorite thing about your bedroom growing up?

Do you think there are must have’s for every little girls room?

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