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Your biggest laugh of 2014 (Wal-mart doesn't sell vibrators).

This is not really a story about vibrators. It IS 100% true & retold with permission.
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This is the funniest story I have ever heard.  The fact that I was a part of it makes it even better. 

Be prepared to snort laugh...

30 Ideas for Outdoor Photography


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The pictures of my kids I love the best are all taken outside. I hope you will enjoy the pictures below and feel inspired to get outside and smile! 
*Update - I have even more outdoor photos to inspire you here. 
"SMILE, Mandy!  Smile or you are grounded!" 

10 Best Tips for Walt Disney World

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Remember when we were saving all our money for Disney World? {Read about that here} Well, we finally made it back! It was a mostly wonderful trip! I've compiled my Top 10 Tips to Help You Not Go Crazy while you are there!

Get Your Kids To Eat Whatever You Cook!

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For the most part, this coocoo momma has NO IDEA how to get my kids to eat what I cook.  It's something we coocoo's struggle with frequently.  When my son told me this morning (repeatedly)  "this French Toast is KILLING ME" and Scary Mommy came out until he had finished. every. last. bite. I decided to call an expert.  Mr. coocoo and I were in awe this summer when (for an entire week) we observed my niece (5) and nephew (2) eat everything placed before them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner with little to no complaining.     Those poor babies had to eat my turkey meat loaf for at least five meals in a row (so sorry-Aunt Mandy loves you). 

My sister-in-laws advice...

10 Breastfeeding Tips & My Story

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Learning how to breastfeed was the hardest thing I've ever done. 
 I frequently felt like a failure.  I hope my experience will help and encourage you.

Advent Calendar {Countdown to Christmas}

DIY Cheap Advent Calendar

I've seen several great "Advent Calendar's" recently.  Most of these calendar's had nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity.  In very simple terms, I understand Advent to be a time of preparing our hearts to celebrate Jesus' birth.  As a Christian, I am all for this.  (If you are interested read more about Advent here). The tutorial I am going to show you is more of a countdown to Christmas!  We celebrate the birth of Jesus during this time and we also have lots of fun watching, Christmas movies, singing Christmas songs, making cookies, etc...

Do What You Have To {A Desperate Momma}

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Why don't they make (mom) cars with windows like limousines have?
A window between the driver and people in the back seat.

A window the driver could roll up that would block out the sound in the back of the car. I would pay quite a bit extra for an option like that. My kids are really loud in the car. They are talking all the time too and frequently crying, screaming, and asking me to do things for them I can't do while I am driving.

Elf On The Shelf ~ Please, STOP the insanity!

Last year, I read several blog post about The Elf on the Shelf. We have an elf, "telly" and I love this new family tradition. If you aren't familiar the general idea is Santa sends your family an elf around the beginning of December. Your family names the elf. Every night the elf goes back to the north pole and reports the kids naughty or nice behavior to Santa. Brilliant! The elf sits in a new place everyday (i.e. you move it after the kids  go to bed each night) so your child knows the elf has been to see Santa.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I hope you get to be with the ones you are most grateful for... 

Sunday Night Depression

Sunday Night Depression


Most people dread Sunday night.  Not me!  I don't like Fridays.


Sunday Friday Night Depression

I'm so excited on Sunday nights!  Why?  My nanny is returning on Monday and I've just spent the whole weekend (alone) with my husband and children.  My husband is a VERY HARD WORKER and he would like to relax a little on the weekends (what the hell is wrong with him?), play with our kids, and work in the yard.  Also, my husband has his own idea about how and when to do things with our family and my dear, sweet nanny just does what I ask her to do.  Seriously, how could it get any better?

Meet the coocoo Cousins

How taking care of five young children kept me sane during a totally insane time

meet my kids coocoo cousins (my niece and nephew) 

My brother celebrated his tenth anniversary recently and I offered to keep his kids so he and his wife{my dear, sweet sister-in-law} could go away for a few days alone.  I love my niece and nephew like they were my own children.  I don't get to spend a lot of time with them so I really enjoyed our time together. 
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coocoo party of five + two {pants optional}

How To Get Your Kids To Do What You Want

How to get your kids to do what you want

My most controversial blog post has been about lying to my children.  Then after listening to a message (about Moses' mother), I realized maybe I'm not really lying.  Maybe, I am a super creative momma

Motivating your children

How to Motivate Your Children (Scary Mommy)

 How to Motivate Your Children

One of my first blog post was about me being a "scary mommy" according to my four year old.  I LOVE this title and have used scary mommy frequently over the past year.  Here's how it all began... 

How to Motivate Your Children

Last week I'm rushing trying to get my boys ages three and four ready for vacation Bible school which starts at nine o'clock.  My baby girl is 11 months old so getting anywhere by nine is a REAL ACCOMPLISHMENT (needless to say, we didn't make it on time).  In the car on the way to church my son said to me, "mommy you were scary two times this morning."  Scary mommy... I'm liking this.  I'm using scary mommy everyday now

You don't want to pick up your toys?   Do you want scary mommy to come out?

Scary mommy doesn't like complaining about dinner!  Eat It!

Put your shoes on or scary mommy may leave you here.

I'm comfortable with my kids being a little bit scared of me.  I think this means my kids respect me.  My kids are a little bit scared of me, therefore, they do what I say.  My kids understand there are consequences to disobedience.

I am aquainted with some children who don't seem to  be scared of their mother's at all.  Imagine my delight when I saw this book last week!  Some mommy is so scary they've written a whole book about it. 

I'll be reading this book. Would you like to read it too? I feel even more normal reading other scary mommy stories. Also, this book has great reviews and is suppose to be very funny!  What mom doesn't need a good laugh?

Are you a scary mommy? 

What is the scariest thing you've done recently?

Happy 4th of July

4th of July

DIY Pallet Artwork

~ Happy Birthday America! ~

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What are your 4th of July plans?

We'll be spending lots of time in the pool this week. 
Hanging out with our friends!

And painting our toes!

Showing off our muscles!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

See more of the American flag pallet artwork here.

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